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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night... Creating Therapeutic Metaphors in Play Therapy

Learn how to custom-design therapeutic metaphors for clients in Adlerian Play Therapy


Using an Adlerian play therapy lens for thinking about therapeutic metaphors and storytelling, in this 2-day class, you will gain competence and confidence in being able to design and deliver therapeutic metaphors.  You will also learn essential storytelling skills such as creating settings and characters, setting up your story arc, recognizing and incorporating pop culture metaphors, and performing skills to deliver the story. You will learn and practice basic metaphor creation, mutual storytelling, co-telling a story, and Creative Characters with your classmates and develop at least one story for taking back to your play therapy practice and telling to a current play therapy client. 

12 Live Webinar CE Hours. (Non-Contact) (includes 3 hours on Play Therapy Seminal or Historically Significant Theories, 9 hours on Play Therapy Skills and Methods). This workshop meets APT's definition of "Live Webinar."

APT Approved Provider 99-055


At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the rationale for using metaphoric techniques with clients in play therapy.
  2. Explain the process of creating therapeutic metaphors for their play therapy clients.
  3. Define what a therapeutic metaphor is.
  4. Delineate a generic model for designing therapeutic metaphors for clients. 
  5. Apply storytelling skills to deliver a therapeutic metaphor to their play therapy clients.
  6. Describe how having a goal for a therapeutic metaphor is essential in designing stories to help play therapy clients.
  7. Use the mutual storytelling technique to retell a story told to them by a play therapy client in a therapeutic way.
  8. Use co-telling a story to build the relationship and explore the lifestyle with a play therapy client.
  9. Describe 3 different methods for delivering therapeutic metaphors in play therapy.
  10. Apply lifestyle conceptualization to developing therapeutic metaphors and storytelling in Adlerian play therapy.
  11. Incorporate Adlerian Crucial Cs, personality priorities, and life tasks in therapeutic metaphors for their play therapy clients. 
  12. Describe how to use therapeutic metaphors and storytelling to help play therapy clients gain insight into their lifestyle.
  13. Describe how to use therapeutic metaphors and storytelling to reeducate/reorient the play therapy client.
  14. Apply the process of custom-designing therapeutic metaphors for different populations, such as clients struggling with anxiety, abuse, depression, behavior problems, social skills deficits, and adoption.
  15. Demonstrate a variety of methods for delivering therapeutic metaphors.



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